Mon | Jan 27, 2020

Peter PAN

Published:Tuesday | June 11, 2019 | 12:19 AM


Majority of the logical set of Jamaican people are adamant that Peter Bunting’s decision to contest the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) is partisan (P), anarchic (A), and narrow-minded (N). Regardless of the PNP’s loss in the last two by-elections, there is no justification for a coup d’etat in the party before the general elections, which is constitutionally due in 2021.

Hence my decision to dub Peter Bunting as our Jamaican version of Peter PAN. Escapism and mischievousness are some of the similar traits of this fairytale that exemplifies what I believe to be Peter Bunting’s selfish desire for leadership. First, the 81-year-old PNP tried with Dr Shane Alexis, who was not a Jamaican then, and then with Damion Crawford, who wanted every seventh-grader to become goat farmers, and they both lost. It all sounds like a fictional novel written by political theorists who are trying to fabricate truth to mould a political fairy tale.

This reality in the People’s National Party seems surreal to some and somewhat comical to others. The best image for the PNP to build at this epoch is one that portrays togetherness (T), optimism (O), strength (S), and hopefulness (H). And not an image of partisanship, anarchism , and narrow-mindedness. Peter Bunting should strive to be a ‘Peter TOSH’ instead of a ‘Peter PAN’. That’s the Peter that the people want.