Sun | May 24, 2020

Disappointed with the DPP

Published:Monday | July 22, 2019 | 12:09 AM


The Director of Public Prosecutions is being disingenous to say the least. Her recent ramblings - I suppose learned - is targetting the informer fi dead culture which I agree is indeed an issue that we as a country need to deal with. I am not one of those persons who is in awe of law degrees, PhD and Queens Counsel. Neither do I idolize politicians. What I look at are the facts surrounding the issues that we need to resolve.

I am wondering if the DPP was to lose her protection officers if she would she uttering the nonsense she has been spewing. Jamaica has a high crime rate and that will make many people fearful of giving any sort of testimony even if they are bona fide witnesses. Why? Because the police, the government and other governmental agencies have a record of failure when it comes to protecting witnesses. Indeed, the government has failed to spend more resources on forensic evidence gathering which will be more pertinent that any form of human recollection.

I find her comments offensive because she is asking persons to risks their lives without a proper guarantee of security for themselves and their families. Something she may not be prepared to do herself if placed in the same situation. And if she wants to prove me wrong just relieve herself of her own security detail.

I think we need someone more astute and congenial occupying the post of DPP - man or woman

Mark Trought