Tue | Mar 2, 2021

Stop cutting down trees!

Published:Thursday | August 1, 2019 | 12:13 AM


The very timely editorial of Wednesday, July 31, 2019, wisely educates us about the value of trees, particularly in mitigating the climate crisis we humans have created, and urges us to plant trees.

Unfortunately, the opposite is happening in Jamaica where we seem to be in a rage against trees and whenever possible maim, kill, and burn them. Last week, the oldest ‘landmark’ trees in Gordon Town square were slaughtered and removed. Now there is no shade anywhere in the square; there is no place for people to gather like they used to, and all we have is heat-inducing asphalt and our statue of Miss Lou.

I am told that the removal of the trees is ‘improving’ Gordon Town; part of development plans to make Gordon Town a better tourist product for the Blue and John Crow Mountains World Heritage experience. And, of course, we must spruce up in time for Miss Lou’s 100th birthday. I can assure you that Miss Lou would be horrified that any tree was cut down in her name, and her duppy would definitely not recognise Gordon Town, originally named Garden Town.

Please, Jamaica, let us plant and love trees. If nothing else, it will be an act of self-love and a worthy investment in the future.

Esther Figueroa, PhD

Gordon Town, St Andrew