Thu | Apr 22, 2021

Read between the lines

Published:Saturday | August 10, 2019 | 12:14 AM


We seem to be preoccupied these days with the prime minister’s statutory filings, and what it means to his rectitude, and the probity of the Integrity Commission. We are such a pretended, partisan populace. We bury our heads in the sand and ask questions we already have the answers to. In many instances, there would be no need for asking rhetorical questions if we had only read between the lines.

On the advice of the PM, the Queen appoints the governor general (GG). The GG appoints the commissioners, including the executive director, acting on recommendation of the commission. However, the “PM played no role in appointment of the Integrity Commission interim executive director”. Similarly, the hydrologic cycle had nothing to do with the falling of rain.

What is it that was wrong with the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, The Integrity Commission, and the Office of the Contractor General that occasioned the Integrity Commission?

The longer it takes to have this matter resolved, the more likely there’ll be a putrefactive fermentation of the cells and tissues of the integrity of the PM, and the Integrity Commission, which could aptly be classified as gangrene.