Fri | Sep 25, 2020

Dr Nigel Clarke needs to apologise

Published:Tuesday | August 13, 2019 | 12:17 AM


The finance ministry recently accused my brother, Derrick, and other former government ministers and employees of obtaining and holding government-issued credit cards.

First, it is not unusual for government/business employees to hold business credit cards. As a banker and vice-president for more than 29 years, my employer issued a credit card for my use during my tenure.

A blatant misuse of the card would definitely be a reason for concern.

Second, if I am correct, several of the accused persons have denied receiving any such credit card.

The manner in which the accusations were presented in the news conveys a disparaging attack on these individuals. Finance Minister Nigel Clarke should have adequately done his homework before making public statements. That, I will label fake news.

As such, he should make a public apology to the Jamaican people and particularly to the individuals involved. False accusations are an abomination.

Do better, Mr Minister.