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Tap sargassum’s marketing potential

Published:Saturday | August 17, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I became acquainted with sargassum back in the 1970s as a biology student at my alma mater. We learnt of this seaweed by mere coincidence. Our tutor, an Indian expatriate, taught us some things that were not on the syllabus.

We learnt of sargassum vulgare as a most annoying seaweed. Today, we have a much more open understanding of this fastgrowing plant. Members of the tourism fraternity are alarmed about ways to deal with this deadly nuisance.

The opportunity

We have got to be creative to engender a mechanism to deal with this mind-boggling seaweed. We can cease the opportunity to use it as a fertilizer to use in the agricultural industry. If we could be just creative and embark on a path that will richly reward us, we would have saved millions. If we could devise a method of gathering the seaweed and drying it for animal food purposes or as a manure we would have profited greatly from these ventures.

Tons of sargassum is being washed to shoreet. We could put our best bet on the profitability of this weed in securing a future for many generations to come.


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