Mon | Aug 10, 2020

Can’t correct an error that doesn’t exist

Published:Friday | August 23, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Your editorial on August 21, 2019, is wholly inconsistent with your front-page story of the same date.

I’m compelled to wonder if you read the facts presented by Sandra Minott-Phillips, QC, in her Letter of the Day published on Tuesday, August 20. She said that Dr Peter Phillips on June 10, 2019, pointed out to the Integrity Commission what he regarded as an inaccuracy (or error, if you like) in its summary.

Your front-page story had the Integrity Commission pointing out that it received Dr Phillips’ request but decided not to act upon it because it believed there was no mistake – the Integrity Commission regarded, primarily, the price at which the opposition leader and his wife’s properties were acquired. If the Integrity Commission is of the view that it made no error, how on earth can it be “unfortunate and bizarre that the Phillipses’ didn’t correct the errors earlier”? You end up criticising the Phillipses for not correcting what your newspaper reports to be a non-existent error. Amazing!

What is your excuse for not having afforded that same courtesy to the politicians prior to publishing Daniel Thwaites’ piece in The Sunday Gleaner? Is it because they are politicians? Newsflash: It is not only integrity commissioners who have reputations.