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Divorce case drags on for 8 years

Published:Saturday | August 24, 2019 | 12:14 AM


I have been trying to get a divorce since October 2011.

I took all the relevant documents to the Legal Aid office in Mandeville and paid the fees. I felt happy because it took off smoothly. However, since it got to the stage for the decree to be granted, I have been unable to get positive feedback.

I requested my marriage ­certificate and was told that the court has it. I went to the Supreme Court to inquire but was told that I would need the file code. This I have requested but not received.

It’s now eight years since I started the process and I have still not been able to get through with this divorce.

I am frustrated because I want to move on with my life and I cannot because legally I am still married to a man who has moved on. I want the justice minister to be aware of my plight as he clearly stated that divorces should be completed within four months of filing.