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Phillips best bet for PNP, Jamaica

Published:Saturday | August 24, 2019 | 12:00 AM


A lot of persons have been penning different pieces about the heated People’s National Party presidential election. A lot of persons have painted a bad picture of Dr Peter David Phillips, but if we really want to speak the truth, Peter David Phillips should remain leader of the PNP.

1. Name a more competent parliamentarian in the House of Representatives right now.

2. Name a more successful public servant and parliamentarian in the House of Representatives right now.

3. Name a more qualified parliamentarian to lead Jamaica right now.

The answer to those three questions is PETER DAVID PHILLIPS.

It is sad when people question this man’s love and commitment for Jamaica, having given so much to ensure that we, as a people, are better off today than we were before he entered the political arena. We have so much to thank this man for. I’m still yet to hear a person give a valid and meaningful reason why this man should not remain leader of the PNP and become the next prime minister of Jamaica.

He is passionate about nation building and the development of Jamaica, about helping others to achieve their dreams and about including young people in the political process .