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What about my justice?

Published:Saturday | August 24, 2019 | 12:00 AM


In 2015, at age 24, I purchased my first house in a gated community by virtue of utilising a joint mortgage with the National Housing Trust and a private financial institution. I was super exited to be a homeowner.

Upon purchasing my housing unit in Spanish Town, St Catherine, I had to pay the deposit, closing cost, escalation fee, along with other miscellaneous fees, very early in the process. The one-bedroom unit was priced at $8.1 million. The house took almost three years to be completed to a point where it was ready for handover from the developer.

A house that should have taken six to 12 months to complete took thrice as long with no valid explanation for the delay. Bear in mind that this particular developer was responsible for the construction of two similar housing solutions in Spanish Town and should have had sufficient experience.

I finally got the keys to my house in 2018, and after a few months of occupying it, I was perusing my contract, which suggested that I lived on a corner lot, for which I was charged a fee of $150,000.

Being sceptical about the description of my lot, I did some research which indicated that my lot was not a corner lot but only sits at the corner of the ­community. As such, my immediate action was to write a letter, on May 6, 2019, to the developer requesting a reimbursement.

Representatives of the ­developer contacted me via a phone call two weeks after and acknowledged that the corner lot fee was erroneously charged and would be refunded. No official correspondence has been sent to me and up to this point I am still yet to receive payment. What about my justice?