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Koffee’s excessively talented, but don’t kill D’Angel

Published:Thursday | September 5, 2019 | 12:10 AM


D’Angel has got herself in hot water from her recent post on Instagram about Koffee, but I don’t think persons should really hit the dancehall diva too much for a misinterpretation of what she meant to say. No one doubts the talent level of Koffee, and she has been instrumental in creating a new era for our female vanguards of reggae music. But I beg to differ if one wants to say single-handedly. I have always been a deep admirer of Michelle Downer, aka D’Angel, for her flair and clear-cut, happy, and admirable type of reggae music.

There is no need to discredit Jah9 or Lila Ike for their authentic sound and a few other new kids on the block. D’Angel’s music has taste and is not colourful like some other female practitioners, and should be commended for her creativity, likewise. One has to be objective when making these crucial calls. You could actually demonise a praiseworthy individual and cast aspersions on the others who might not be equally talented, but has the potential to make it into the big time.

I lift my hat to Koffee for her composure in spite of hitting the big time. She is such a warm and charming youngster who deserves all the accolades being bestowed on her for her creativity. We have to be careful how we use social media: we could presume to be building bridges when we are tearing down walls.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore