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Jamaicans in Middle East left on their own

Published:Tuesday | September 10, 2019 | 12:09 AM


I am one of hundreds of Jamaicans who are working in the Middle East. The Jamaican community in countries such as Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman has been growing exponentially, especially with our Jamaican teachers.

When I migrated to Bahrain in 2018 to take up a teaching position, I immediately registered with the only Jamaican Embassy that serves this region, which is located in Kuwait. We all know that when persons are living in foreign countries, their embassies or consulates are the closest thing to home as it relates to representation. I was very disappointed to learn that our only connection to home and our only representative office in the Middle East has been closed.

Sir, the Jamaicans in this part of the world are very upset, as not even an email or notice was sent to the community informing us of this closure. The minister of foreign affairs owes the Jamaican ­community here an explanation.

What are we left to do? Where do we go for representation? I have urgent documents that need to be signed by the embassy, but there is none. Please, Mrs Johnson Smith, please shed some light on this situation. What are our alternatives? You owe your countrymen an explanation. We need the embassy reopened, or offer us alternatives. Over to you, Madam.


Gulf State Resident