Tue | Mar 31, 2020

NWA must take responsibility

Published:Thursday | September 12, 2019 | 12:09 AM


I watched in horror the videos that were circulating on social media showing the widespread flooding in several areas across the island, including the Corporate Area. At first, I perceived that it was linked to Bahamas, but then I recognised that it was happening in Jamaica.

Now, seeing some areas filled with water isn’t new, but what I saw could be leaning close to chaos.

The issue – our drainage systems.

Time after time, there has been calls upon calls for the National Works Agency (NWA) to step in and address the issues with these drainage systems which appears to be incapable of holding the amount of water running off our roads.

However, whenever there is a flooding and the NWA is advised, they play the blame game. They are never the organisation who caused the problem: blame the garbage, blame the National Water Commission, blame China Harbour Engineering, or blame other contractors. They never take responsibility for these issues. It is always someone else.

If that is the mentality we have when it comes to these issues then they will never be fixed, will they? If we are always blaming others for a wrong we could have fixed from the beginning, does it make our wrong seem less than another’s? I think the flooding we witnessed should be a learning and turning point for the agency.

Let’s address these issues before a natural disaster occurs.

Note the flooding we saw was just after a few hours of rain. Imagine if it was during a hurricane! I’m sure the damage would be worse.

Let us fix these drain issues now before another flooding of that scale happens.

Andre Heslop