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Apology for errors in PEP book

Published:Monday | September 16, 2019 | 12:27 AM


I write in response to a letter by Dave R. Facey published in the Saturday, September 7, 2019, edition of The Gleaner in his review of my book, Ability Test, Practice Exercises and Tests for PEP.

I apologise for the errors in the book. Sometimes errors do escape even careful scrutiny. I would like to thank Mr Facey. I have taken careful note of his observations.

Please note that prior to Mr Facey’s review, errors were detected and placed on an errata sheet, which should have been placed in each book. If an errata sheet is missing from the book purchased, parents may ask the bookshop from which the text was bought for it.

Not aiming to confuse

After reading Mr Facey’s comments, I thought of removing the question ‘Do all houses have walls?’ from the book, since my intention is certainly not to confuse the children. In a moment of inspiration, however, I visited a prep school and the question was posed to the grade-six children.

The debate among the children was so vibrant and energising that I have decided that the question should remain in the book, but I will leave it as a question for discussion, not to be graded.

The aim of PEP is to develop creative thinking and reasoning. Discussion and debate, such as that sparked by the question, can only be for the good of the children.

As an educator of many years and the author of other assessment books for children, my aim has always been what is best for the children.Please be assured that the errors will be corrected when the book is revised.