Sun | Jan 24, 2021

Phillips must mend broken fences

Published:Monday | September 16, 2019 | 12:28 AM
Dr Peter Phillips
Dr Peter Phillips


It was within Peter Bunting’s democratic right to challenge incumbent PNP President Peter Phillips for the party presidency, but perhaps Mr Bunting’s move was premature because Peter Phillips has not yet faced the electorate.

Some will argue that Peter Phillips is old, but age has nothing to do with leadership. I believe that performance, not age, should be judged. During the Simpson Miller administration, Phillips, as the finance minister, took some bold steps to put the economy on a positive footing. He has the intellectual capacity, experience, and drive to lead his party.

Peter Phillips may have won the presidential election, but he missed the moment to extend his hand in unity to his rival. It would have been nice if he had embraced Peter Bunting after the results. It is clear that the PNP is deeply divided. Dr Phillips must now prove to all those delegates who didn’t vote for him that he is indeed the man for the job.