Sun | May 31, 2020

Calm down with anti-gay diatribe

Published:Tuesday | September 17, 2019 | 12:08 AM


It’s exhausting trying to keep up with homophobes. MoBay Mayor Homer Davis and the St James Municipal Corporation ought to be ashamed of themselves for banning a community LGBTQ group from organising a series of pride events at the MoBay Cultural Centre, a public space.

The excuse given by the mayor was the need to protect the “sacredness” of the space. What exactly does that mean? From what I gather, the series of events was to include a public debate about whether Jamaica is ready for gay marriage.

Well, guess what? Perhaps Jamaica isn’t ready for gay marriage! So what is so wrong with having a civil discourse about it, Mr Mayor? Was anyone getting married in the centre? It’s just a debate! Whatever happened to freedom of expression and constitutional rights?

Songstress Taylor Swift currently has a hit song, often referred to as the LGBT anthem, with the line, “You really need to calm down.” I think Mayor Homer should calm down!

LGBTQ isn’t contagious. I am not aware of any homophobe who has caught ‘it’ yet. It’s 2019. People need to learn how to live and be happy while allowing others to do the same without interjecting prejudices, biases, and hate, worse, from public office.