Sat | Sep 19, 2020

Give us SOE alternatives

Published:Tuesday | September 17, 2019 | 12:08 AM


Oh, Milton Wray, in your very long article in The Sunday Gleaner of September 15, 2019 (‘Emergency! We suffering here’), you reminded us of the inconvenience to the law-abiding citizens of Jamaica caused by the imposition of states of emergency (SOE) in various parishes.

The inconvenience and loss of revenue from businesses that have had to curtail opening hours is understood and regrettable. However, I wish that Mr Wray had put forward even one suggestion as to how to tackle the crime monster that has plagued our beloved nation for a very long time.

I was left disappointed that Mr Wray, who so eloquently outlined the failure of both the Government and the parliamentary Opposition in dealing with Jamaica’s crime situation, did not offer even one solution. It is perhaps not late to do so.