Sun | May 31, 2020

Crime control trumps SOE angst

Published:Wednesday | September 18, 2019 | 12:28 AM


I fully understand the frustration in the column by Milton Wray (‘Emergency! We a suffer round here!’, Sunday Gleaner, September 15, 2019). Some of his points are valid. However, what is the solution for dealing with a country where indiscipline is rife? What are the alternatives?

There is criminality in every sector of the country. All of it is leading back to people who have become accustomed to doing as they please and who do not want civilised conduct in public spaces.

I believe that the Government should take drastic measures to impose order. That being the case, the good will always have to suffer for the bad. The innocent people who are being negatively impacted by the curfews and states of emergency will have to adjust themselves accordingly. Their neighbourhoods are overrun with crime. Are they okay with that?