Sat | Aug 8, 2020

Save us from our roads

Published:Friday | September 20, 2019 | 12:23 AM


May I offer a short prayer for us, road users: ‘Eternal Father, bless our land, save us from the taxi man; keep us out of the path of aggressive beggars, both of whom are now our new oppressors. Be our guide, our constant protector. Forever. Amen.’

On Tuesday, at a little after 4 p.m., I was on Red Hills Road heading towards Eastwood Park Road when, suddenly, coming straight at me, was the ever-present taxi man (red plate). I moved over to give him the opportunity to continue on his journey, a decision I immediately regretted.

Within a few seconds, there was another one. My action was different, however. This time, I stopped my car, and made up my mind that he would have to come through me, because he was not going to squeeze me into the sidewalk. One of his own kind, however, made way for him to get into the line, and directly behind him was another taxi driver.


I thought I had had my share of trials for the day. I was so wrong! Approaching the stop light further down the road, I encountered a very aggressive, white-haired beggar who is normally at the South Avenue and Constant Spring Road stop light. He proceeded to bang on my window when I did not return to him what he had obviously given me to put down.

At this point, I want to offer an apology to police officers for thinking they are not doing enough to curtail the actions of the taxi drivers on Red Hills Road. But I now realise that we are the problem. We are trespassing on their property when we are brazen enough to go on the roads. As it has now become apparent that we venture on the roads at our own peril, my only consolation is that I don’t need to be on their property on a daily basis, as I am no longer in the workforce.

Is there hope for my country? Somebody, please help us. God, or whoever else is able to do so, I beseech you. Amen.


Kingston 10