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Science can’t validate religion

Published:Monday | October 7, 2019 | 12:19 AM


Atheists and Christians never hesitate to discuss the existence of God. In contemporary Jamaica, this is a matter frequently discussed in the media by both parties.

The arrogance of atheists is usually pellucid, but Christians demonstrate naivety when they use science to indicate the existence of God. Science cannot examine metaphysical realities. For example, scientists may tell us how the world was formed, but they cannot explain why it was created, or provide commentary on the nature of God.

Further, Christians do not recognise that by using science to establish the reality of God, they are undermining their belief. If the Christian God is real and indeed beyond human comprehension, science should never be able to discover His nature. Also, the possibility of science noting the existence of God does not imply that the Christian God is real.

A being far superior to humans is a god-like entity, but not necessarily the God of the Bible. Another strategy employed by Christians to prove the actuality of God is to showcase evidence of intelligent design in nature. However, many advocates of intelligent design are not religious.

Furthermore, the implausibility of Darwinian evolution is no justification for belief in God. The inaccuracy of Darwin only points to a different theory. Christians should not waste time proving the existence of God, because religion is a matter of faith, not science.