Mon | Apr 6, 2020

Peter Phillips still carrying ‘feelings’?

Published:Tuesday | October 8, 2019 | 12:10 AM


The makeup of Peter Phillips’ PNP shadow Cabinet speaks volumes about a man who may be still carrying ‘feelings’ for Portia Simpson Miller.

Otherwise, how does one begin to explain the sidelining of Angela Brown Burke from his ‘whatnot’ Cabinet?

Of note, also, is the absence of Dr Dayton Campbell, who was Bunting’s campaign manager, and ‘Pastor’ Ian Hayles, who was very vocal on the campaign trail.

How easily the word ‘unity’ is being thrown around on social media by supporters of Phillips, who think Risers should sing a Sankey and find their way home, as if they left the PNP!

The Comrade leader himself has not done enough to prove that he wants unity.

Peter Phillips, in his sidelining of Campbell, Brown Burke and Hayles, has further fractured an already disintegrating party.

While those who blindly support his idiocrisy, thinking he can win the next general election, the truth is, the JLP is in control, and will continue to be.

Phillips should remember how he was embraced by Mrs Simpson Miller after he stuck his fangs into her for power.