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Sick and tired of water, road misery

Published:Tuesday | October 8, 2019 | 12:10 AM


I read a letter to the editor published in the Observer on October 7, 2019, captioned ‘Water and garbage woes’, and agree with every word.

The first line said: “Is this the new age of civility?” I asked someone in my household that very question the Sunday before, as I worried that the situation of insufficient potable water and bad roads had become the new norm, and further discussed whether or not it is that the prime minister, National Water Commission, and National Works Agency are playing God. Even when it’s raining, there are still water lock-offs.


Mr Prime Minister, please do better by the people of this country who pay your salary. I believe the power of the position has now gone to your head!

Water IS life! I wonder what plans the prime minister and public bodies are putting in place to alleviate this water crisis. Every year it’s the same lame excuses.

I am so fed up of getting home from work and wishing to take a shower, only to find that there is no water coming from the pipes.

I spoke with a lady recently who shared that her community has not had water now for over one month. That is insane!

Another grave impediment is the unfinished state of corridors such as Hagley Park and Constant Spring roads, among others. When will they be fully restored? Drainage problems are emerging. Rainwater now settles at the entrance to secondary roads because of apparent bad planning. Children and other pedestrians have great difficulty traversing pools of water on the roads.


Kingston 8