Sun | Jun 7, 2020

Hypocritical stance on breast talk

Published:Thursday | October 10, 2019 | 12:11 AM


Dr Andre Haughton is right. Hypocrites, they all are.

What is wrong with his comment? He should not be judged on the basis of what Jehovah has created, which was made for food for a baby and comfort to a spouse. It’s no comfort to me that a man talked about a part of the body that everyone has and is asked to apologise for that.

Hypocritics you all are.

If you want to talk about something, go talk about the infiltration of the LGBT community that is firmly taking root in Jamaica, which will soon erase and replace the nuclear family if given the chance.

Bbies will not be feeding from a breast then, so no sense in promoting breastfeeding. We need to get this thing right and focus on the things that are important. Why waste energy and time on one man’s comment when the fight should be about breast cancer?

Judett Brown