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NWC must do better for Longville Park

Published:Thursday | October 10, 2019 | 12:11 AM

The following is an open letter to Mark Barnett, managing director of the National Water Commission.

As citizens of Longville Park Phase 3 and paying customers of the National Water Commission (NWC), we are extremely disappointed in the service we have been receiving in recent times.

Specifically, we have been informed by way of a public notice on October 7 that, as at October 8, our water supply will be disrupted for the rest of this week because the water commission will need to fix the pump that is used to supply us.

After several weeks of poor service, we have now only received one day’s notice of total suspension of service. We are disgruntled customers and feel that you have treated us with scant regard.

We cannot imagine that in managing our water supply the NWC did not see it fit to have a spare pump available in the system so that it can offer uninterrupted service to its paying customers in the event of mechanical or electrical failures.

We are asking that you give serious consideration to identifying a replacement pump within the week so that water can be restored in a more timely manner.

As citizens we expect better and we know that you can do better.


Patricia Duncan


PNP caretaker for Clarendon

South Eastern on behalf of

the Citizens of Longville

Park Phase 3