Sat | Sep 26, 2020

Reassuring that politicians not off-limits

Published:Friday | October 11, 2019 | 12:32 AM


From as far back as I can recall, every prime minister of Jamaica has spoken about their commitment to practise good governance, transparency, and accountability at their inauguration ceremonies. Sadly, they have all failed to meet this commitment, generally, because the inmates are running the asylums.

Reassignments and political furloughs are the gold-standard reactions towards ministers who have been weighed and found wanting, particularly in alleged cases of fraud and misappropriation of government resources. BUT, alas, there seems to be a paradigm shift in the political kingdom.

The former minister of education, Ruel Reid, along with his wife, daughter, and two others, are now in a spot of bother for having been allegedly caught with hands in the Government’s cookie jar. They have been arrested and criminally charged.

In law, though, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Or they confess.

Certainly, this is the reality of the affluent and/or politically connected folks. Be that as it may, the questions arise: Will the evidence gathered be sufficient for a conviction? And when scarce government resources are misappropriated, who pays?