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Runaway Bay road a flood zone

Published:Friday | October 11, 2019 | 12:31 AM


In the Jamaica Observer dated Tuesday, October 8, 2019, I read with interest and disgust an article titled ‘Flooding haunts Harriott Meadows residents’ as it was redolent of what exists on Salem Crescent in Runaway Bay whenever it rains.

Since the resurfacing of the main road in Runaway Bay, Salem Crescent is invariably inundated as, obviously, there were inadequate drainage plans for water from the highway. In the absence of proper planning, water from the elevated main road empties on to Salem Crescent.

Reports to political represen­t­atives and the National Works Agency (NWA) have been to no avail. Hence, the situation remains the same.

It, therefore, begs the question: What role do the NWA and municipal corporations play in planning for such developments? Surely, there must be processes from planning/designing to implementation, with each phase reviewed before ultimate imprimatur is given. If this is a fact, government operatives have been falling down on their jobs as there are a plethora of complaints being made about substandard projects that are being approved as having been completed to meet requisite standards.

Is this state of affairs not unique to Salem Crescent and Harriott Meadows, but rather quite pervasive throughout Jamaica?


Runaway Bay, St Ann