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Davis is MoBay’s mayor, not its pastor

Published:Monday | October 14, 2019 | 12:27 AM
Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis. File
Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis. File


I wish to write in support of Maurice Tomlinson and the Montego Bay Pride organisation. I have become aware that Montego Bay Pride has been denied access to the Montego Bay Cultural Centre for a series of public events that were scheduled to take place as part of its 2019 activities. I understand that the current mayor of Montego Bay is the individual responsible for denying this group access to the building.

After reading the rationale offered by the mayor for making his decision, I am alarmed and dismayed that in 2019, public officials in Jamaica are still allowed to discriminate against persons who, as taxpayers, have a legitimate right to stage a public event in a public space.

Disappointed at mayor’s stance

While I understand that the mayor may have personal and religious objections to this group using the cultural centre, I am disappointed he allowed his personal views to interfere with his professional and civic duties.

Homer Davis is mayor of the city of Montego Bay, not the pastor of the city!

The bigotry and discrimination that this decision exposes underscores the need for Mr Tomlinson and organisations such as Montego Bay Pride to hold events such as these in Jamaica.

It is apparent that the motto, which states that ‘Out of Many, One People’, does not yet apply to all Jamaicans.