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Reclassify private roads in Manchester

Published:Wednesday | October 16, 2019 | 1:35 AM


Lawmakers in Jamaica are disconnected to reality, especially in regards to public transportation.

Because of the economic crunch that placed privately owned schools in grant-aided relationships with the Ministry of Education, most of these institutions were originally built in areas accessible via private corridors that had never been gazetted for public transportation.

In Manchester, schools such as deCarteret College and Belair High, along with the privately operated El Instituto de Mandevilla, are located in private corridors that affect students and parents/guardians travelling from south Manchester, especially the Cross Keys and Plowden environs.

Outdated road management structures

Each academic new year, the Ministry of Education and Youth assign new students to these schools from these communities, causing parents and children to be inconvenienced by an outdated road management structure that forces them to spend more money and making them victims of a poorly thought out and disorganised public transportation system.

The failure of the local municipalities to address the reclassification of these private corridors with public institutions is confirmation of poor governance.

It is full time that members of parliament and the local municipalities address issues that are inhibitors to an ordered and productive society.


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