Sat | Aug 8, 2020

Accompong is sovereign

Published:Thursday | October 17, 2019 | 9:46 AM


The State of Accompong is sovereign. The inhabitants of Accompong are indigenous Maroons. Maroons with traceable blood lineage are elected to be the face/representative to the rest of the world every five years.

Maroons of Accompong are sovereign because of their lineage and their unwillingness to surrender or be subjugated to any other state or sovereign. In 1739, after decades of war, a treaty between Maroons and the British was agreed on, indicating the Brits’ willingness to accept that Maroons have defended successfully a territory known as Cockpit Country. Since then, Maroons have honoured that treaty and any violation of said treaty could be credited to the British representatives in Jamaica.

Accompong Maroons have existed peacefully in the Cockpit Country for centuries. However, this peace is being threatened by miners, bankers, politicians and others interested in using the sovereignty of Accompong for personal aggrandisement.

Is Jamaica a sovereign state?

Duncan Buchanan