Tue | Dec 10, 2019

Golding Avenue sidewalk has become a urinal

Published:Thursday | October 17, 2019 | 9:46 AM


It has become unbearable to experience the degradation of Golding Avenue across from the University Hospital of the West Indies and the United Theological College when it is used as a urinal. The norm is for male bus and taxi drivers to stop their vehicles and urinate on the sidewalks, causing a big stink.

We don’t know with what diseases these men may be infected, and what germs they leave on the sidewalk. The implication for public and environmental health is clear. Children and other pedestrians walk these sidewalks in the stink daily between home and school; residents of the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre wheel themselves along in their chairs; I and my fellow students at UTC walk to and from class daily, picking up the waste from the urine on our shoes, and transferring it wherever we go. Not only is the sidewalk contaminated, but so become the schools, households, business places, etc.

If I am not mistaken, the practice of urinating on the sidewalk is illegal.

I do not observe any of these men washing their hands after urinating. They jump back into their cars, grab the steering wheel, and later pull their passengers into their vehicles, and give them change when they pay their fares.

Law enforcement should execute the law. When the law is brazenly disregarded, penalties should be increased, such as higher fines, and points taken from their driver’s licenses.

Clearly the education system must place more emphasis on civic pride, decorum, and public health.


Erem Christ

St. Michael Seminary