Fri | Sep 18, 2020

Stanberry is on point

Published:Monday | October 21, 2019 | 12:12 AM


I would like to both thank and congratulate Dr Donovan Stanberry for a well thought-out and well-researched column in The Sunday Gleaner of October 20, 2019.

Dr Stanberry, as campus registrar at The University of the West Indies and a former Ministry of Agriculture employee, brought insight, intellect, experience, and statistics, which are so badly needed in determining the way forward for so many sectors of the economy.

I would also like to thank the newspaper for placing Stanberry’s column in so prominent a place in The Sunday Gleaner – the widely read Public Affairs section on the Editorial page.

What would be nice is if The Gleaner could invite Dr Stanberry to write as frequently as he can, so that more people as well as large corporations might be enticed into farming.

Also, based on his suggestion, more private-sector companies might “get involved in setting up facilities for sorting, grading, packaging, and processing the produce from the agro parks, and make such products ready for our burgeoning tourism market and exports.”

The country has to change, instead of always complaining that we need the generation of constructive ideas. Stanberry’s column, ‘The proposed Lakes Pen Agri Ventures’ is an excellent example.