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Franklyn St Juste : a film-maker’s dream

Published:Thursday | November 7, 2019 | 12:50 AM


He filmed nature and humanity with laser vision and a conviction that through the mortal eye we can create immortal images.

Franklyn St Juste was a film-maker’s dream, for the expression of his art went beyond man-made lens and resided with truth.

The National Chorale of Jamaica celebrates the creativity of the earthly life he lived and the light with which he illuminated theatres, performing arts centres, stages, sceneries and our mind’s eye. It was ‘lights out’ permanently while he was serving on the board of directors of the Creative and Production Training Centre; but even in the abject darkness, we are able to see clearly the immeasurable value of his life’s work.

Christopher L. Samuda


The National Chorale of


Former Chairman

Creative Production and

Training Centre