Sat | Sep 19, 2020

Public-sector workers need houses

Published:Tuesday | November 12, 2019 | 12:23 AM


I am writing through my office of justice of the peace to share my views on the way the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has treated public-sector workers over the years.

It can’t be right that persons are working for the GOJ and can’t afford a house. I think the GOJ can do more for its workers. Imagine you qualify for $6.5 million and when you go to the National Housing Trust, the houses are more than the loan you can get.

It is not fair to public-sector workers, who can’t receive a proper salary increase, but when I hear the news, and of the alleged scandals, it tells me the GOJ can lower the criteria for homeownership in the best interest of those in the essential services.

I find this act to be cruel and unjust, when you come and say you are for the poor but do the opposite. Public-sector workers are suffering and are at a disadvantage in acquiring a home.

The Government can do more to improve the lives of its servants. Every politician has a house, so that’s the approach I want to see from the GOJ to ensure public-sector workers can get a house without any hassle.


Justice of the Peace

St. Catherine