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Open letter to NWA … Are we getting value for money?

Published:Thursday | November 14, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Would the National Works Agency (NWA) remind the citizens of this country how much of our tax dollars was forked out approximately two years ago to undertake the Mannings Hill Road fording project (in the vicinity of Sullivan and Lawrence avenues)?

Was the work – which lasted three months, was valued at $17.9 million, and included the construction of U-drains, curbs, reinforced concrete retaining walls and the construction of the box culvert, sidewalks, and curb inlets – in an effort to accommodate drainage improvement?

Well, fast-forward two years later and the road is in total disrepair! My gut feeling tells me that the only reason the road lasted this long was due to a lack of persistent heavy rainfall in the two years after the construction. When will motorists see the value of the $17.9 million?

What is really happening at the NWA? Where are the engineers and the quality-control department? There has to be more to NWA’s work than public relations. We, the taxpayers, continue to experience the same old, shoddy workmanship – day after day – with the rush to fill the potholes using wet marl as the filler and the re-emergence of the same potholes as soon as it rains, in fact, even sometimes before it rains, perhaps as soon as the wet marl dries.

How much longer must we continue to ask ourselves, when will it end?

Poor Jamaica!

Frustrated motorist and taxpayer