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Letter of the Day | KPH’s water basket

Published:Friday | November 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM


The island’s largest public hospital has been plagued by water shortages for decades. There have been numerous articles in the print media highlighting this fact. One such article was published as recently as July 2019 of this year. At The World Health Organization’s Seventy-Second Assembly held on May 2019, it was highlighted that without sufficient safe water, health promotion cannot be achieved.

The Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) has been battling with trying to meet the demands of the hospital to the point where additional potable water is being trucked to the facility on a daily basis. There are, however, holes in the KPH’s basket.

For instance, I know first-hand that there is someone on staff who is paid specifically to monitor water levels at the facility and report points of greatest demand, usage, and shortage at any time. This person has, on occasion, been absent (with the key to the water-storage area) when a delivery of water was to be received. The driver of the truck had to sit and wait for hours for his return to the compound, which did not occur. A spare key had to be located for delivery to happen on that occasion.


The reports filed regarding the reason behind the KPH’s water woes are woefully lacking, and there is much to be desired in management of this crucial resource. The paltry solution that has been presented was for the construction of a water tank at the very entrance of the hospital. According to my sources, this tank, which was a donation, required only that a suitable location be found. This suitable location, which is close to a storm drain which floods at the first instance of rain and is perpetually filled with garbage, was the most hygienic spot.

I beg to differ, but I am no expert, so let’s put out a call to the persons in charge. Have open discussions about the management of the hospital’s decisions to brainstorm watertight ideas.