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Keep The Gleaner a family newspaper, please

Published:Saturday | November 16, 2019 | 12:25 AM


It is noteworthy that The Gleaner has been around for 185 years. Congratulations!

For many of us, over the years it has been the family newspaper. There was something of interest for every member of the family to read and on Sundays, after dinner, each member would select his or her portion and go off to read.

Next to the Holy Bible, The Gleaner was the most read printed material in many homes, and served multiple purposes for different persons.

In schools, the headmaster always had a Gleaner that was available to the older children. A Gleaner could be accessed at the post office, for community persons who wanted to keep abreast of the daily news.

Many persons were taught to read, not only from the Holy Bible, but also from The Gleaner.

I am one such person who still carries on that proud tradition. I am presently helping two 13-year-olds and one 11-year-old boy with their reading. All are attending high school. When using The Gleaner, we start with the front page and the headline.


I was very disappointed when I took up The Gleaner on Saturday, November 9 to see a clearly semi-nude female on the front page with the caption: Girls light up Ro digan’s eyes’.

Why should this picture be on the front page of the family newspaper? It is true that things and times are changing, but should The Gleaner be leading that change?

I implore you to be more sensitive, more responsible to what is happening in our beloved country, and even in a small way be a part of the solution.

It would be good if you could remain the ‘Family Newspaper’ of Jamaica.