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LIME/FLOW – less than desired services

Published:Tuesday | November 19, 2019 | 12:39 AM


LIME/FLOW has been a constant topic of concern for all Jamaicans who depend on the service they provide.

I have read numerous letters in the newspapers and listened to persons complaining on the radio about the less-than-desired service we are receiving.

I have been a customer of LIME for more than two decades and the service then was superb. Now it is very poor and unacceptable. What has gone wrong? How did we get to this stage?

My landline service came to an abrupt end on September 7, 2019. I made a report and was informed that cables were stolen in my community resulting in no telephone service. Citizens have had to find alternate means of communication.

My telephone line is via copper cable. However, I was introduced to the fibre cable, which is via the national electricity power, and whenever there is a power outage, the phone line goes as well.

I informed LIME that I do not need this service because as a person with a physical disability, I need a reliable landline in case there is an emergency or a national disaster.

LIME, I need my service to be restored as soon as possible. I’m sure others, especially senior citizens, are crying out for same.

The powers-that-be must intervene in this dilemma. Government offices and other places of business are serviced by fibre cables – no electricity, no production. How did we get to this?


Spanish Town