Wed | Aug 5, 2020

Wake up, NCB

Published:Tuesday | November 19, 2019 | 12:38 AM


All over the globe, there is an increase in technological transactions. It’s convenient, quick and very efficient.

Sad to say, National Commercial Bank (NCB), who brags about its profit margin annually, including its tag line ‘building a better Jamaica’, is yet to come to reality because it’s operating in a different era.

This is surprisingly yet true in regards to business customers. An application is required for online banking, and this is in no way made easy for customers.

The branch at Montego Bay Fairview in St James repeatedly has one or two personnel who handle business accounts. As a result, meeting the expectations of customers is at ground zero. Going there as a customer, you can anticipate two options: either you will have to return another day to speak with the business officer or you are being forced to wait for hours.

If you are graced to speak with the business officer and manage to complete the application process successfully, hoping that would now be the end of that saga, you can think again. The officer tells you he will call you in days. That day, week or month is NEVER forthcoming. Bearing in mind, I have been trying to be registered for online banking for more than one year!

At this pace, how can I recommend this banking institution to another?

National Commercial Bank, you are not building a better Jamaica. You are living in a different era. Wake up!