Sat | Dec 14, 2019

Do it the right way, the Jamaican way

Published:Friday | November 29, 2019 | 12:14 AM


In response to a story published by this newspaper on Sunday, November 24, titled ‘Epican claims no vaping concerns’, I was somewhat proud of the response of the company and its defence of the Jamaican way.

Renowned the world over, Brand Jamaica is truly one of the strongest and most widely recognised trademarks. The global fascination with our people, culture and music makes Jamaica and things Jamaican an instant pull whenever, wherever, and however it is presented. Known to possess the ‘good ting dem’, Jamaica usually flies under the radar of whatever global scandal arises when quality and safety comes into question.

The cannabis reform in Jamaica has spurred the development of many medicinal cannabis brands, and regulations from the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) ensure the calibre and safety of the products that come to market.


In recent days, shock and fear have grown, out of concerns in the US about the safety of some vaping products. An investigation there has identified vitamin E acetate as the common denominator in instances of illness and death.

Once again, brand Jamaica escapes unscathed, shielded by our natural and holistic approach to almost every product. Epican, the county’s largest producer and retailer of medicinal marijuana and vapes, says that it has never added vitamin E acetate or any other additive to any of its products.

Local vape consumers have nothing to fear. The authentic nature of the way we do things locally has again spared us – not only our reputation but our health.

Luckily in Jamaica, we do things right!