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Are tattoos a risk to Jamaica?

Published:Wednesday | December 4, 2019 | 12:29 AM

What do you think about the declaration by Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie that persons with tattoos and certain body adornments will not be allowed to volunteer in the regional conference on disaster risk reduction next year? Minister McKenzie made the statement to potential volunteers for next year’s regional conference on disaster risk reduction. #GLNRTalk, #TalkBackTuesday:

Instagram responses

n Well, those with tattoos and other piercings should put their efforts behind more meaningful and life-altering vehicles that seek to judge people by the content of their character. I hope his perfect family can facilitate where the imperfect in his sight lacks. He needs to get out of whatever black hole he’s been living in and be more tolerable. It’s really not about him. I’d fire him for his inability to be inclusive in his implementation of policies that would benefit those in need. I hope those with tattoos, etc, don’t vote for him, either. He sounds like an undereducated fool! – @le_rebelle1

n This is absolute nonsense. Why would you discriminate against someone on the basis of their creative expression? How do their piercings and tattoos affect your quality of life? – @brownsania

n I wonder what would Jesus do? Oh, no need to wonder because God Himself came down in the flesh from heaven and displayed love. Not as a religious Pharisee, but as a man born in a stable. That man told the crowd when they caught the woman in adultery, “he without sin cast the first stone”. None was able. Think about it, even the man God “HE himself without sin” didn’t even cast a stone. Huh. I leave that with you, Minister McKenzie. – @nrjbrown

n Jamaica is once again defending ignorance and keeping a stake in the dark ages. How do tattoos and piercings hinder one’s faculties to volunteer and be of service? Jamaica will remain a Third-World country with pompous and antiquated thinkers and leaders such as this windbag. The dinosaurs are extinct because they couldn’t adapt to a transformed world. – @hismajestyjudahisvaran

Twitter responses

n #JamaicaDeserveBetter; rid yourselves of the likes of a Desmond McKenzie. These relics of the stoneage MUST BE made redundant. Enough is enough #JamaicaDeserveBetter – @ConsumerJamaica

n He uses “facilitate” like he has say and sway over GROWN people’s bodies; like YOU’RE paying for the alterations. You shouldn’t get to dictate how people choose to alter and present THEIR bodies. It’s very creepy for you to believe you should. A grave abuse of power. – @FattyandFatty

n Well, I am not a lover of prejudice, bias and classicism, still I understand the relevance of choice, the need for preference; so to each his own and even though we may disagree, mi deya same way, mi MP, you are not alone. All when yu nuh want mi side a yu, mi deya same way. – @RohanEverton

* This is nonsense. I wish politicians took this strident approach against corruption. If you don’t like tattoos and body piercings, don’t get any. It’s that simple. Are we in the dark ages? – @sancarbro1

* His position is understandable. Not everyone wants the tongue ring in their space or face. However, tattoos are another thing. Some are not as difficult to deal with. Certainly there are many Jamaicans who are in support of his stance. – @SGSConsultantJm