Fri | Feb 21, 2020

Social structure adjustment

Published:Thursday | December 5, 2019 | 3:41 AM


As I look at the news and see that the murder rate is up in Jamaica by two per cent over last year, it supports my hypothesis that social structure change is needed. If you only treat the symptoms of societal ills, you will keep medicating indefinitely - as is Jamaica’s present trajectory.

Neither the People’s National Party nor the Jamaica Labour Party intends to do anything but magic shows, like states of emergency or miniscule social intervention. It no surprise, therefore, that homicides are prevalent and endemic throughout the Caribbean. The social structures are similar.

The developed world, like the United States and Europe, have got mainly the middle class to pay for a welfare state that somewhat pacifies the marginalised. Capitalism, socialism and communism are outdated; therefore, a more inclusive socio-economic system is required.

Only if you live in la-la land would you believe the people at bottom of the socio-economic system get a fair opportunity for social mobility. There are the token extremely poor who rise, but it the exception, not the rule. I borrow from Bob Marley, “Dis a war!”

Brian E. Plummer