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#TalkBackTuesday | What costume would you choose?

Published:Wednesday | December 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Miss Universe Jamaica, Iana Tickle Garcia, in her national costume.

The organisers of Miss Universe Jamaica have sought to explain that the Annie Palmer-inspired design worn by Iana Tickle Garcia at Sunday’s global final in Atlanta, Georgia was aimed at celebrating the Rose Hall Great House, a Jamaican heritage site.

Social-media users share what design inspiration they would have chosen.

- Anything except a former slave owner! – @black_unicorn94

- Shabba! Him face alone.

– @zell125

- Doctor Bird, Louise Bennett, Arawak Indians, Maroons. Heck! Jamaica itself!

– @rochelle_berryanikie

- A Reggae Girls inspired costume, a Jamaican sprinter inspired costume ... Nanny of the Maroons inspired Ashanti tribe costume ... An Arawak Indian inspired costume ... A Lignum Vitae inspired costume ... Even a plain costume representing Jamaica’s national colours would be better ... But Annie Palmer!? Then y’all had the audacity to use Marcus Garvey to justify your ignorance!? – @introvertnikue

- Should a mek a costume in memory of the slaves Annie Palmer murdered. – @thighsforaday

- Wear bandana and play one of the dancing song dem. Elephant Man seh dancing a Jamaica middle name!! Or use one of the sprint queen costumes. After all, track and field placed Jamaica well on the global spheres.

– @therealcocoa_2

- The plantation is something to be celebrated. – @Hollerhome

- She coulda even go as Boysie wey come round a Easter time. Wid Maxfield bun see Canada go ‘n a rep all ganja. – @dawson_kyng_

- Ackee costume.

– @lisakelsey9602

- I wuda probably even feel better if she went as a Jankunu, to rawtid! – @moni_876

- Louise Bennett prints.

– @pinkgoen

- Uno never celebrate the great house nor use it to tell a story of what slaves had been through ... uno use the opportunity to glorify the white slave master ‘n promote uno business place ... it was inappropriate. – @lotoya_tt