Sat | Jan 25, 2020

As PM, I will ban all guns

Published:Friday | December 13, 2019 | 12:32 AM


When I become prime minister of Jamaica (I have come to terms with the fact that this is my calling), I will ban guns with Jamaica.

Jamaicans have demonstrated, time and again, that they are not mature enough to have a country awash with guns.

During my tenure, there will be a period of amnesty wherein all guns, both legal and illegal, must be brought in to the authorities. Those guns will be melted down and turned into scrap iron.

This is what my punishment will be: if you are caught with an illegal firearm, you will get the death penalty.

If you are caught with a firearm that was once legal, the punishment will be life in prison.

Law enforcement personnel will be allowed to keep firearms, but they will have no live rounds, only rubber bullets, tasers, and stun guns.

There will be a ban on hunting rifles also. We will ban bird hunting also. We don’t have to eat birds to survive.

If law enforcement personnel violate the ‘no live rounds’ ordinance, the punishment will be life in prison.

Our nation has had to deal with rivers of blood and tears because of guns. Time for the suffering to end!