Fri | Sep 25, 2020

What about those buying driver’s licence?

Published:Friday | December 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I hear Dr Lucien Jones of the National Road Safety Council in the media bemoaning the carnage on our roads and the fact that we are heading towards a record number or near record number of deaths on our roads in 2019.

I hear talk about the new road act and how that will be a ­deterrent. But I do not hear about something that most of us know, if only anecdotally, but we know. Many people are buying their driver’s licence.

You may ask what is many. Many is every other person (literally) talking about buying their driver’s licence or knowing someone who did. Many cannot drive and don’t even know the rules.


The only acknowledgement has been that the responsible government minister is recommending that when we, Jamaican people, go to get a learner’s permit, that we do our written test, clearly, to ensure that at least the rules are known.

Whether it is a licence to drive a two-wheeled motor vehicle or to drive something with more wheels, we have to say what the issue is. Wherever that leads, we follow. The situation will not find solution otherwise.