Fri | Jun 5, 2020

What was your biggest story for 2019?

Published:Wednesday | January 1, 2020 | 12:00 AM

#TalkbackTuesday: As Jamaica closed the chapter on 2019, we asked our followers what they thought was the biggest story of the year:


- Ruel Reid Scandal

- @onedreskullSleep; - @porsxch.e

- Buju arrival back to Jamaica.

- @lionpaw12

- When the eight-year-old was raped. - @_its.kerr_

- Maybe not the biggest but the most heart wrenching is the tragic story of Benjamin Bair the little boy who was crushed to death by a garbage truck. - @renjulie7

- The cult church in MoBay .

- @debbishablack

- NIDS identification; what a government. - @orrettricardo

- Petrojam and CMU. - @kejhawn

- The visa revocation of Mr and Mrs Vaz but the PNP can’t say a word because Phillip Paulwell own gone to. - @fowl_farm

- Miss Jamaica winning Miss World; all positive. - @pecky233

- The fact that the rat running up and down in KFC will not deter people from joining the long lines to buy their pieces of chicken this New Year’s Eve.

- @valentinasbeautypassion

- Multiple latrine births

- @taylorolivia_

- The death of Edward Seaga.

- @the.original.dr

- The robbery in Clarendon in which the robbers were sooooo coordinated. And Edward Seaga’s death.

- @chrissy_blake95

- Having a prime minister that really is trying to change things for better! - @Gilliancall2

- Ruel Reid or the ‘hero cop’ shooting incident in St Catherine.

- @NationOrder

- NWC. Lack of water. Disregard for customers. Need for more water sources to serve us. - @DehAwnYah

- The constant killings, crime and traffic accident deaths.

- @ireydawta


- The missing children and murder rate! - @ladida12179418will

- Crime and violence from the start of January up til the ending of the year. - @empresskfrancis

- Ruel Reid scandal. - @landorose876

- Lots of great things but the everyday killings make it looks like nobody is trying. - @readyjuke

- The birth of my daughter! - @jugubanton