Fri | Jan 22, 2021

God warns the nation

Published:Friday | January 10, 2020 | 12:45 AM


As an obedient servant of God, I hereby deliver to you this message from God, according to His instruction.

This is the Word of God to the nation.

“The glory days are here, the rat race for justice must stop. The per capita murder must dwindle. The hand of God is upon this nation.

“The evil killings must stop. The offensive weapons must leave the streets of the nation and catch a fire in the hands of anointed policemen and women He has placed in the force. This is a warning to the nation.

“The act of God is to live a lavish lifestyle, not poor and poverty, not to fight a life of crime. The multiple killings must stop. The slaying of one another and the offensive weapons will be arrested. God is in control.

“Crime of passion must stop, where lovers are killing one another. It must stop and be a thing of the past.”

I am trusting that we will be obedient to the will of God and allow His message to be echoed across the nation.