Mon | Jan 25, 2021

Stop blaming the slave trade

Published:Saturday | January 11, 2020 | 12:09 AM


How long are we going to keep looking back and blame the slave trade for the behaviour we exude? What about those people who claimed to come from good family and lifestyles but have been known to commit the most heinous crimes?

I am so tired of hearing about the slave trade, I am so tired of hearing people talking about why black embrace the Christian faith, I am tired of people telling me to change my last name.

All of a sudden, because little Jamaica has access to Internet and technology, everything authors and editors say in North America we run with the story without any practical experience or history behind it.

What about all the civil wars that have gone on in Africa? I know people right now that ran to America because of civil wars. Yes, people from Liberia, Sudan, etc. It is too many to remember. Even if there were no civil war, the atrocities of leaders like Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe make people run to North America and Europe for a qualitative life.


People make bad decisions because of lack of knowledge or just because they feel good making bad decisions. It is pleasurable for the moment. It cannot be because of slave trade. You have wealthy white men who are involved in sex crimes, is that because of slave trade, too?

Sin is what makes people sin, it is that simple. I am a disciplined person, I do not drink, smoke, and I do not look for a man to support me. I knew I had to get an education, my father told me at a young age. I do not let man/men toy with my body.

I was born in Jamaica and I know many people like me. Why weren’t they affected by the slave trade? If we can be this disciplined, so can anyone who chose to. Oh! I do not take narcotics or smoke weed.