Sat | Aug 8, 2020

Letter of the day | We must unite as a nation

Published:Monday | January 13, 2020 | 12:00 AM


Kristen Gyles’ column, ‘Violence in, violence out’, published in last Saturday’s Gleaner could be described by the aphorism “Children live what they learn”.

I am in agreement with the very essence of the article and want to express my manifold congratulations on an excellently thought- out and presented piece. It just highlights the fact that many of us KNOW what is wrong with Jamaica, but we are not the policymakers. So, while the ‘gangs of Gordon House’ immerse themselves into the blame game, Jah Kingdom is going into ruins.

After 75 years of self-rule, and 57 years of Independence, we have only succeeded in taking Jamaica back to the Dark Ages, where the hope of prosperity is fading at an alarming rate, thereby making Vision 2030 an almost impossible task.

As we live the reality of the now-famous quote of a late radio talk-show host, “hostile tribes perpetually fighting for scarce benefits”, we must, as a nation, ask ourselves the question: Is this our destiny? And we must take courage and answer definitively in the negative.

We must garner the strength and will of our national heroes/heroine and create the pushback, and paradigm shift, to change the negatives within our society. As our first national hero, The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey said in the past, “Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.”

Let us use his exhortations as our rallying cry to change the crime, corruption and mayhem that have taken root in our nation. Let us truly unite as one nation.


Let us put aside the divisiveness in party politics, religion, class and elitism, and work towards the creation of an egalitarian society. Let us manifest Chapter 3 of our Constitution – The Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Let us have ONE law for the rich, the poor, and the politicians.

By doing this, we shall truly make Jamaica the homogenous society that echoes our motto, “Out of Many, One People”, thereby making Vision 2030 an achievable goal.

In closing, let me remind ALL stakeholders in the ‘company’ named Jamaica: crime is inversely proportional to the distribution of the wealth of the nation.



High Commissioner