Mon | Sep 28, 2020

NWA a dutty up Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | January 15, 2020 | 12:58 AM


I reckon the Government might have spent quite a pretty penny of taxpayers’ money on its public education campaign urging us to “Nuh Dutty up Jamaica”. It saddens me, therefore, that in the meantime, one of its agencies, the National Works Agency (NWA), has gone about defeating the very purpose of the campaign.

Their workmen have created quite an unsightly mess at the entrance to my community by piling on to the sidewalk, rubble they removed from the road surface during a recent pre-Christmas road patching frenzy.

I wrote to the NWA about the matter, asking them to have the rubble removed. I provided a photograph of the site and gave directions to the location. I confess my failure to supply a GPS; hence my willingness to concede that I’m to blame for the lack of any corrective action by the NWA, to date.