Sun | Mar 29, 2020

Staying afloat in troubling times

Published:Thursday | January 16, 2020 | 12:18 AM


No matter what situation one finds one’s self in, the best approach is always self-reflection and devising effective strategies for survival.

Oftentimes we try to be superhuman sacrificing for others and not taking care of ourselves. This martyrdom could be unnecessary because it is based on false premises and myths.

Here are some misconceptions that bear the fruits of indifference:

n Friends, family and other group associations will assist you in your time of need for housing. It could be in your best interest in the short and long term to refuse many offers. Will you be able to repay that ‘kindness’? See me and come live with me are two different ting! Aim for independent housing. Stay in your own abode, even without electricity or running water. Use battery-driven lights and pray like there is no tomorrow.

n You may assist the spouse of a friend, or even your parents, they will rescue you financially when you are ‘down’. People are often forgetful of kindness and are more likely to say that you are a ‘poor steward’ of your resources. Help others, but do not go out on a limb; save something for yourself.

Instead, prepare for the realities of homelessness, till things get better:-

1. One bottle of water can provide a bath and cleanliness to the ‘essentials’.

2. Tidy up wherever you can and whenever possible.

3. Have clean underclothes always. (Dispose of soiled clothes if possible.)

4. Make sure your teeth are clean.

5. Comb your hair or wear hats, wigs, etc.

6. Shop during sales events, and purchase items that do not require ironing.

7. Utilise food courts in malls for good nutrition.

8. Attend functions and activities that are ‘all-nighters,’ ending in the morning.

9. Get comfortable sleeping on couches and chairs.

10. Keep your homelessness private. ( It is easy to lose social respect in this dilemma.)

Look at the bright side, the open air will give you good oxygenation. Cold concrete floors are better than laying ‘cold’ and dead in an abusive fracas.